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  • What Is the Best Motion Sensor Light Bulb for Inside Your Garage?

    August 04, 2022 6 min read

    TRiLIGHT motion sensing poster featuring the product in a clean garage with a sports car parked in it.

    Nothing says high-tech convenience more than having automatic lighting as soon as you walk into (or pull your vehicle into) your garage. Indeed, motion sensors have redefined outdoor, emergency, and garage lighting. Moreover, it’s as convenient as it is highly efficient in its performance.

    However, with tons of options out there for the top-notch motion sensor light, how would you know you’re getting the best?

    Fortunately, it’s not so difficult to spot the best motion sensor light bulb on the market. It has features providing necessary illumination intensity, placement, ease-of-use, etc. 

    And of course, we would be remiss if we fail to mention that all these qualities can be found in one tidy lighting device called the TriLight Motion Activated Ceiling Light.

    If you’re on a hunt for the most ideal motion sensor light bulb for your garage, then stick around as we explore the specifications you should consider and all the essential detail you need to know about this lighting device.



     arrive at home to a fully lit garage TRiLIGHT poster featuring two TRiLIGHTs lighting up a garage and a white car just starting to pull in.

    Is There Such Thing as a Motion Sensor Light Bulb?

    Yes, motion sensor light bulbs are readily found in the market. In fact, they’ve been around for quite some time.

    Before it became popular in residential use, several industries had already equipped their establishments, factories, offices, and stores with motion sensor lights. 

    Nonetheless, as the lighting industry employs more innovative solutions, they brought this concept to many households.

    Motion sensor light bulbs are a hit when it comes to home lighting fixtures and systems installation. 

    For one, it’s economical and convenient. That’s why it comes as no surprise the motion sensor light bulbs can be ordered online or tracked down in the light bulb aisle of your favorite hardware store.

    What Is A Motion Sensor Bulb?

    A motion sensor bulb is activated through motion within the sensor of the device. It diverts from the typical manual activation of a traditional lighting device. Once activated, it waits for you to stop creating movement in that space. At that point, a count down starts and if no more movement is found by a designated timeframe, the lights turn back off automatically.

    With common bulbs, lamps, and other lighting fixtures, you will have to press a button or a switch to trigger light production. But with a motion sensor bulb, all you need to do is walk inside the room, and voila, lights are automatically turned on.

    How Does A Motion Sensor Bulb Work?

    Motion sensor bulbs and lighting devices have tiny electronic sensors that detect ultraviolet energy, infrared waves, or sometimes even electromagnetic radiation, bouncing off from humans and other living organisms moving within the sensor’s scope.

    Not all motion sensor bulbs are created the same as some are just looking for movement and some are scanning for heat signatures.

    Once movement is identified under the field of view, the lights will automatically turn on for about 30 to 90 seconds. In some cases, it remains on for 20 minutes. But this is something you need to work out in the settings.

    Motion sensor bulbs are quite an advanced form of lighting operation. Nonetheless, it’s beneficial for spaces and areas that aren’t usually well lit, such as your garage.



    TRilight deformable light bulb installed on a garge ceiling near the garage door opener.


    What to Look for in a Motion Sensor Bulb?

    When choosing a motion sensor bulb, you have to consider key features that support its performance. Otherwise, you might end up with a lighting device or light bulb that drives your money down the drain.

    Hence, to avoid this purchasing mistake, evaluate your target bulb through the following criteria.

    Type of Bulb

    Always go for LED. That’s the general rule of thumb when choosing an efficient lightbulb. LED is all the rave for the right reasons. It’s environmentally friendly, and it packs more power and illumination than other bulb types like incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs.

    Power Source

    If it’s a garage you’re trying to light, you can choose between wired lights and battery-operated lights. Solar-powered lights are also included in the option if you’re considering installing motion sensor bulbs outdoors.

    However, for your poorly lit garage, your best option is wired lights simply because it saves you from the hassle of replacing or recharging the battery. 

    Timer Length

    Some motion sensor bulbs have fixed timers that just aren’t enough. As a result, you’ll have to reactivate the light by moving.

    Although the standard timer for motion sensor bulbs ranges from 30 to 60 seconds, it’s best to look for a bulb that could exceed this time. 90 seconds is considered the sweet spot before the motion sensor bulb turns off after leaving the garage.

    Light Intensity

    The level of brightness produced by the bulb depends on the number of lumens. For example, in a garage lighting system setup, the ideal number of lumens for a work light ranges from 2,000 to 10,000 lumens.

    Therefore, it’s only wise to look for a motion sensor bulb that produces lumens between this range. Read more about how many lumens you need for a work light when you click here

    Ease of Installation

    Whether it’s a traditional or motion sensor bulb, it has to feature a painless install. Our expectations have been set to an easy twist-in/twist-out by hand installation when it comes to light bulbs. If that’s not the case, then you better look for another option or start calling an electrician.



    close up of the TRiLIGHT screwed into a standard socket with the invented and designed in USA badge

    What Is the Best Indoor Motion Sensor Light Bulb?

    The best motion sensor light bulb for indoor use is the TriLight Motion Activated Ceiling Light.

    STKR Concept’s innovative lighting solution for the garage, basement, attic, and other obscure areas in the house has three rotatable LED light panels and a motion sensor. Its three-leaf garage design provides sufficient daylight, 5400K light color temperature that floods the entire room.

    Moreover, with 4000 lumens, you’re sure to enjoy a good work light to complete any project or task.

    The TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Ceiling Light is also easy to install as you just twist it into an existing socket by hand just like you would a standard bulb. With its three sturdy aluminum heads acting as a functional heat sink, the TRiLIGHT remains cool to the touch.

    Does a Motion Sensor Light Need a Special Bulb?

    No, you don’t need any special bulb for a motion sensor light. The motion sensor comes with an electrical switch, so it won’t necessarily be affected by any changes in the bulb. Nonetheless, the best type of bulb recommended for a motion sensor light system remains to be LED. 

    Is It Easy to Install Motion Sensor Lights?

    Yes, installing motion sensor lights is almost effortless. Especially if you purchase a super-bulb like the TRiLIGHT as it has the motion sensor built right in.

    This means you don’t have to install another piece of hardware in between the base fixture and the final light source.

    The TRiLIGHT is super easy to install as it’s just a large light bulb that you hand screw into place. No tools are needed.

    Make sure that the power is off when installing the bulb to prevent any accidents. Once you’re done, you leave the light switch on knowing that the TRiLIGHT will turn itself off after you leave and be ready to light up the room when you return.

    Are Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Worth It?

    Yes, motion sensor light bulbs are worth their price. But, much like those who have installed the said lights in their garage, it’s very unlikely that you’ll regret having it around.

    Motion sensor light bulbs suit the general atmosphere of the garage, adding more convenience, especially when driving a vehicle in or out.

    But don’t take our word for it. Check out the following pros and cons:


    Effortless Activation

    This is probably one of the best-selling points of motion sensor bulbs. You don’t have to look for the switch, especially when it’s too dark. 

    Just step inside the garage, and the lighting will follow. Moreover, it benefits those who have physical disabilities and the elderly as well.

    Energy Efficiency

    Since a timer regulates motion sensor bulbs, you can get the assurance of saving money from your electric bill. In addition, it’s an efficient way of saving and using light only when necessary.


    Could Require Constant Movement

    There’s a chance that the motion sensor bulb will suddenly turn off if it fails to detect movement. 

    Hence, you may have to move from time to time to keep the light. This could be a bit inconvenient, but given that the type of activities you do in the garage centers on movement, this shouldn’t be a significant issue.

    Lacks Full Control

    Unfortunately, the lack of tactile control can sometimes be a nuisance, especially if you’re trying to enter the garage inconspicuously. 

    But this all depends on how you see it since you can also consider this setup an added deterrent against intruders.  


    Trilight sports car in the garage banner featuring two product shots and a high end garage darkened out in the background.

    Final Thoughts

    Motion sensor light bulbs don’t only elevate the lighting system in your garage, but they also ensure convenience and energy efficiency that adds more value to your home.

    However, it’s still imperative to choose the best possible motion sensor light bulb for your home.

    Go for LED light bulbs with a sufficient number of lumens to ensure ample work light in your garage. Also, consider the design flexibility, check its timer length, power source, and ease of installation.

    If you’re wondering where to find all these qualities, then check out the TriLight Motion Activated Ceiling Light from our online store right here at STKR Concepts.

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