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About STKR Concepts

STKR Concepts (Formally STRIKER) has been designing award winning products and distributing them to the most reputable retailers in the USA since 2005.

When it comes to design and development, STKR takes the road less traveled. Rather than taking the “easy path” of sourcing generic products from Chinese markets, an industry norm these days, STKR starts from the ground up with their own product ideas.

They generate their product concepts from firsthand use in the industries they sell to, and are experts in their fields. As users themselves, STKR designers are able to create products that solve problems and improve user efficiency. This is proven by thousands of happy customers and numerous design awards.

Blog posts

What Is Light Spread or Beam Angle? Spot, Flood, and Area

What Is Light Spread or Beam Angle? Spot, Flood, and Area

August 30, 2022

Simply put, light spread or beam angle is the degree of the light in terms of its coverage from different distances. It measures how wide or narrow a beam is from the reflected light source.
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uhaul moving truck parked near some trees

The Things You'll Need for a Move - Essential Packing & Moving List

August 30, 2022

So you’re finally about to make that big move. It’s funny how something can be so exciting and so terrifying at the same time. Some of that fear comes from the feeling of being unprepared, am I right? What supplies do you need when you move? Don’t worry, I think we here at STKR Concepts can help you figure out what you need in order to move safely and more confidently. 
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collage of a bunch of pocket flashlights featuring the FLEXIT Pocket Flashlight by STKR in the very center

What Is a Pocket Light? And Which One Is Best?

August 08, 2022

A pocket light is a handy device smaller than an average flashlight. You can clip them on the edge of your clothing or keep them in your pocket - thus the name pocket light.
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TRiLIGHT motion sensing poster featuring the product in a clean garage with a sports car parked in it.

What Is the Best Motion Sensor Light Bulb for Inside Your Garage?

August 04, 2022

Nothing says high-tech convenience more than having automatic lighting as soon as you walk into (or pull your vehicle into) your garage. Indeed, motion sensors have redefined outdoor, emergency, and garage lighting. Moreover, it’s as convenient as it is highly efficient in its performance.
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