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Carpenter Pencil

STKR Concepts Carpenter Pencil | Striker

The Mechanical Carpenter Pencil

The patented STKR Mechanical Carpenter Pencil revolutionized the traditional Carpenter pencil. Gone are the days of pulling out your knife just to sharpen your pencil, or using one of those inefficient Lead Breaker carpenter pencil sharpeners. Now you can maintain all the benefits behind the original design intention of the carpenter pencil, in a modern day solution.

STKR Concepts Mechanical Carpenter Pencil marking 2x4 wood | Striker


Carpenter pencils are rectangular for two reasons. 1) to prevent the pencil from rolling off a pitch, like a roof. 2) to give the lead a wide shape so it would be strong and hold up against rough materials found on the construction site. However, all methods for sharpening a traditional carpenter pencil ruin the lead. The sharpeners turn it into a fragile point that breaks and wears down extremely quickly on construction materials. Cutting it with a knife leads to fractured and broken lead with an unpredictable tip, which ruins accuracy. Finally, a wooden pencil flexes during its life-cycle, and when it does, it fractures all the lead in the pencil. That is why it is common to pull out huge chunks of lead when you are sharpening it. Then you typically throw your pencil away when it is about half as short as when you bought it...yet you paid for the whole thing. What a waste!

Durable Rugged Design

The STKR Mechanical Carpenter Pencil is made of high impact ABS, it stays the same length throughout its entire life span, has a pocket clip, fits in a tool pouch, and comes with replacement DURALEAD! Finally, no sharpening. When you need more lead just press the cap and release more lead. If you are working on fine trim work and need precision accuracy you can "fine tune" the lead tip with sand paper or anything rough laying around the job site, like concrete. With an angle shaped into the lead the STKR Pencil is as accurate against a speed square as a scribe, but the lead is still a beam and therefore strong!


  • No sharpening
  • High impact A.B.S. body
  • Rugged design
  • Pencil body stays the same length throughout its use
  • Replaceable DURALEAD

What's Included

STKR Concepts Mechanical Carpenter Pencil | Striker Carpenter Pencil


STKR Concepts DURALEAD | Striker
Replacement Dura Lead

  • Model# 77579
  • A.B.S Body
  • Replaceable DUARLEAD
  • Pocket clip
  • Size: 5.7 in. height x 0.5 in. width
  • 1 year warranty
STKR Concepts Mechanical Pencil dimensions | Striker