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About STKR Concepts

STKR Concepts (Formally STRIKER) has been designing award winning products and distributing them to the most reputable retailers in the USA since 2005.

When it comes to design and development, STKR takes the road less traveled. Rather than taking the “easy path” of sourcing generic products from Chinese markets, an industry norm these days, STKR starts from the ground up with their own product ideas.

They generate their product concepts from firsthand use in the industries they sell to, and are experts in their fields. As users themselves, STKR designers are able to create products that solve problems and improve user efficiency. This is proven by thousands of happy customers and numerous design awards.

Blog posts

new trouble light / drop light versus old school style drop lights

What Is a Trouble Light? (A.K.A. Drop, Rough, or Inspection Light)

luglio 28, 2022

A trouble light is a heavy-duty semi-portable corded light that you can use in situations that may subject the light source to abuse or damage. Therefore, it’s built to withstand challenging conditions where illumination is not accessible. The bulbs are commonly protected by a metal or plastic shroud or cage and the power cable comes out the bottom of the handle. 
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Yellow Corvette backed into a garage. STKR side sensor in the foreground.

How to Back Into a Garage

luglio 27, 2022

Backing into a normal parking space is an ability that can be difficult to learn. Despite how practice makes perfect, it can be a nerve-racking skill to learn since working backward can increase the risk of bumping into something and damaging the car.
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A female and male running on a trail at night in the dark. Both wearing FLEXIT Headlamps and backpacks.

Which Headlamp Is Best for Running?

luglio 26, 2022

The most suitable lighting device for running is a headlamp. And if you want the best headlamp for running, you can’t go wrong with STKR Concept’s FLEXIT Headlamp Series which encompasses the FLEXIT Headlamp 2.5 and FLEXIT Headlamp Pro 6.5.
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two people canoeing at night on a lake. Dark scene just lit by the moon.

Safety Tips for Kayaking and Canoeing at Night

luglio 22, 2022

Kayaking or even canoeing at night can be dangerous since the dark conditions pose several threats. Not to mention the hazards surrounding the waterbody. That’s why it is imperative to prepare and follow the safety tips recommended for kayaking and canoeing at night.

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